Creating the home of your dreams

Since 1986, Dynasty has been building quality custom homes in many of Michigan's premier custom home communities. With a reputation for exceptional quality and service, Dynasty is known as a premier custom home builder.

More recently, with the decline of the housing market, Dynasty Builders branched out into renovations and remodeling. As a cheaper alternative to building a new home, renovating is a more affordable way to create your dream home.

While building the highest quality custom home is very important to us, we like to pride ourselves on creating the most positive experience for our customers. Building a custom home or having your current home renovated can be a stressful and sometimes overwhelming experience; however, here at Dynasty, we take away all the stresses by utilizing tools such as our state-of-the-art designing software. This software allows us to render homes, inside and out, with the most realistic quality possible, showing you exactly what your future home will look like.